The 5 Second Rule – Protecting the Paws

Summer is the time for getting outdoors, and your dog loves to spend that time with you! Should you take him along to that Street Festival you are looking forward to? You need to keep in mind that black asphalt gets super hot when the sun beats down on it. How hot is too hot … Read more

Talking of Ticks

Spring is here at last! When do I have to start worrying about ticks biting my dog? The short answer is NOW. And last month. And those very warm days in January. We generally talk about ticks coming in two “blooms”, in the spring and fall – and these are when their numbers are greatest. … Read more

Antifreeze – Sweet & Deadly

I worry about using antifreeze around my pets. What can I do? The big problem with antifreeze is that it tastes sweet, so it is a poison that pets WANT to drink. The minimum lethal dose for dogs is just a teaspoon per kg – that means a couple of tablespoons is enough to kill … Read more

Chocolate – Your Best Friend Unless You’re a Dog

So what is the deal with dogs and chocolate anyway? The Holidays give plenty of opportunities for dogs to get into chocolate. Lots of people have heard “chocolate is bad for dogs”, but what does that actually mean? Any amount of sugar and fat can upset the stomach and intestines, so even white chocolate that … Read more