Talking of Ticks

Spring is here at last! When do I have to start worrying about ticks biting my dog?

The short answer is NOW. And last month. And those very warm days in January.


We generally talk about ticks coming in two “blooms”, in the spring and fall – and these are when their numbers are greatest. The Spring bloom is from the hatching of eggs that overwintered. Then in the fall, these guys moult into adult form, and another big feed-fest is on.

But the adults don’t just die after they feed in the fall and lay eggs – they hunker down in the leaf litter and go dormant. Any warm winter day can bring them out, questing for a nice blood meal.

So, glad as we are to see the snow go, beware of the ticks that are just as glad to be free of the ice. Talk to your vet about preventives to stop these disease-carrying critters from making your dog sick.

And, NOTE that cats are not small dogs – there are flea-tick products for dogs that are toxic to cats!

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