Digital Radiography

digital-xrayWhat I’d really like is one of those Star Trek tricorders, that you wave over the body and it tells you all you want to know about what is inside the body…

OK, I don’t see having one of those any time soon.

But in the meantime, Digital Radiography comes close!

So what makes Digital radiography special?

  • A digital x-ray can show so much more than a conventional film x-ray. You can even see individual muscles and tendons outlined in a limb. And with an image that can be manipulated on a computer, you can pick out details that might otherwise escape the eye, altering contrast, or brightness, or even flipping colours so that bones show black against white.
  • Digital X-ray also means less takes – ie less exposure to x-ray radiation. If an old film x-ray take was too light or dark, you had to start over and take another shot; with a digital view, you can brighten or darken as needed.
  • Digital x-rays are fast! The image comes up within a few seconds of exposing the shot.
  • Digital radiography is a valuable tool in managing your pet’s health.