Our Approach

our-approach-1We aim to have a practice that is based on Relationships.

What does this mean to you?

It’s like a triangle, with the points being you, your pet, and your veterinary team.

The first leg is between your veterinary team and your pet: we want to have a trusting, and as much as possible FEAR-FREE relationship with your pet.

We will endeavour to put your per at ease with:

  • Slow and gentle handling
  • Letting your pet pick a comfort zone – for example, if the exam table is too scary, maybe your small dog could be in your arms on a chair, or your cat could crouch in the cradle of the cat tree in our cat exam room. Large dogs are often more comfortable on the floor; we will get down to their level.
  • “Props” where helpful – many dogs stress less if being given treats. Some like a toy or ball to focus on. Cats may feel better with the height and side walls of the cat tree.
  • “Happy Hormones” – there are pheromones (scent hormones) that can trigger calming brain chemistry in pets – Feliway for cats, and Adaptil for dogs.

The second leg of the triangle is between your veterinary team, and YOU, yourself. This means having good lines of communication.

We will always do our best to communicate with you, laying out clearly:

  • What we think is going on with your pet’s health.
  • What we can do to improve their health.
  • If medications are used, what, if any, side effects should be watched for.
  • What is our “Plan B” if “Plan A” is not getting us where we want to be.

The most important leg of the triangle, the very base of it, is the relationship between you and your pet.


We will do all we can to foster a long, happy, healthy time with your pet.

  • Often, this includes consulting on troublesome behaviour – too many pets are lost through being surrendered or even euthanized for behavioural concerns, versus through illness or accident.
  • This means never leaving the pet parent out of the picture – our goal is optimum health care for your pet, but we need to consider what you, the human, can and will do. For example, if someone has very shaky hands, then applying an eye ointment several times a day may not be an option – we need to find what will work FOR YOU.

We so look forward to meeting you and your pet, and forging great relationships!

It’s about you, your Pet, and what we can do for you.