Meet The Team

Dr. Barb

Science Geek meets Softie…

bio-1I love what I do.

I love always having new things to learn, new understandings of the body, and new treatments to support my patients.

And, I love that I get to spend my days working with and helping the critters I love (even the cranky ones!) They are all fascinating to me – huge dogs or tiny dogs, happy cats or less-than-impressed cats, rodents, reptiles, ferrets… they all give me a little “Aaawww!” twinge.

My goal is always to be on board with you, the pet’s caretaker and best friend. You are the one who knows your pet best – I need to listen to you to get a complete understanding of what is going on. And you are the one who will follow through with managing that pet’s care, whether through actions (ear cleaning, tooth brushing), feeding, giving medications. And you are the one who will see whatever differences are occurring in your pet’s health, for good or for ill.

I look forward to working together with you, towards the mutual goal of a healthy and long life for your pet!


bio-2Meet Martina, one of our Veterinary Technicians. Martina grew up tagging along with her brothers in their expansive backyard adventures in which there were always small critters that needed help. Martina always managed to find those backyard critters and would bring them home (ex. Baby birds fallen from nests, frogs that could not jump etc.) to join her family of dogs, cats and pet rats. Martina and her mother would help nurse them back to health the best they could.

Martina finished her Veterinary Technician Diploma at Seneca College and during the past four years has had exciting opportunities to gain hands on experiences working for veterinarians and helping small to large animals. She has always understood the power of preparation and hard work along her way to finding a home at King’s Ridge Veterinary Clinic and is looking forward to applying her knowledge and love for animals to serve the surrounding community.

For kicks, when she is not working Martina trains in Pole Dance Fitness twice a week and loves to hang out with her friends, family or just hang with her dog Molly, and cats Minnie and Georgia (sisters)…her mum is glad that her ‘zoo’ has become smaller these days.


bio-4Anna Ottavianni-Kirkham is a people-helper by day, novelist by night!

Our Practice Manager has a long background in corporate HR, and a strong interest in helping people to find their better selves, with coaching, and with tools such as hypnosis, NLP and Reiki.

Anna keeps the business aspect of the practice ticking along smoothly, and is always there to help our staff to keep smiling!


bio-4Meet Diana, part of the team since May 2016 as our Administrative Assistant.

Diana grew up with an older brother who, with the help of her mom, brought home a variety of injured or stray animals; such as bunnies, cats, frogs, etc. From a young age it was apparent Diana was meant to work with animals.

She started off her career in animal care as a pet care associate and dog walker. Throughout the years has spent time working with animals in daycare, grooming and boarding facilities, playing all roles including management. Diana has volunteered her free time as a dog walker at a shelter, a foster mom and a freedom driver (rescue transport)

When Diana has some time to herself, she adores horseback riding and spending time going on hikes and adventures with her rescue dog Paris. When Paris gets tired out, Diana’s cats; Vegas, Kenya, and London, are always ready to play.

Diana finds it hard to contain her love for animals and is glad she has found a home at Kings Ridge Veterinary Clinic