About Our Clinic

The foundation of our practice is our people, and the relationships we are able to forge with you and your pets.


Our Layout

Pets are often stressed coming to a clinic – cats in particular do not like being uprooted from their comfortable home territory. This is the reason we offer separated cat and dog exam rooms, and waiting areas. Few kitties are pleased about an inquisitive dog nose snuffling at their carrier!

Digital X-ray

This type of x-ray equipment offers so much more detail than conventional x-rays do; and diagnostic images are achieved in less takes, because a too dark or too light image can be tweaked digitally. This means less x-ray shots for your pet.

Dental X-ray

content-2You just can not assess below the gum line without X-rays. Just as your dentist takes dental X-rays as part of your exam, pets need a good assessment of the roots and sockets of the teeth too.

With a good look at the tooth roots, we can make better decisions about whether a tooth has to come out.

Laser Therapy

This is a different type of laser than the surgical laser – it does not heat or cut tissue. What it does is turn on the metabolic machinery of the cell to put healing on fast forward. The laser treatment has:

  1. An immediate effect, decreasing pain at the site (for example, when my husband was passing kidney stones – the laser could tone down an attack way before meds had a chance to kick in!)
  2. A quick effect, of decreasing swelling and inflammation. It causes the vessels that drain swelling away (lymphatics) to open up and remove excess fluid from a site; and it causes cells to produce chemical signals that work to reverse the inflammatory process.
  3. A long term effect – healing! Cells that need to divide to repair a defect, divide faster. Cells that need to make proteins, do it faster. Cells that need to perform clean-up duties, do them faster.