Online Convenience for your Pet’s Prescriptions and Shopping Needs

You can’t beat the convenience of shopping from home.

Go To My Vet Store

What if you could look after your pet’s health care with the same convenience?


That is where the VetStore comes in! Through the VetStore you can:

  • Manage your pet’s prescriptions – It’s bedtime, you just gave your dog his pill, and you realize his pill bottle is nearly empty. Rather than have to remember to go to or call the vet clinic in the morning, you log on and request your prescription refill. Simple! Or, even simpler:
  • Go ahead and forget about your pet’s prescription, because you have Auto Refill! When you are running out of meds, we know to have the next batch ready for you.
  • Get your pet’s special diet delivered to your home – prescription diets are important to managing many different health conditions.
  • Do some shopping! Once you have a Log-in for the VetStore, you can browse for pet toys, pet supplies, pet lifejackets, all sorts of things!