Spring Dangers for your Pet

Spring is here-Finally!! It’s time to get outside and enjoy the season while the weather is with us. King’s Ridge encourages all kinds of spring activities with your fur babies but we also want everyone to be safe while you enjoy yourselves. Here’s a brief list of things you need to be aware of this … Read more

Diseases Carried by Ticks are an Issue in Ontario

Ticks are what is known as Vectors of Disease – they do not themselves cause a disease, but they can transmit various diseases causing agents between different hosts that they feed from. The diseases they transmit, such as Lyme Diseases (see What Does Lyme Disease Mean to My Pet), Anaplasmosis, and Ehrlichiosis, tend to be … Read more

6 Reasons Why Pets need Anaesthesia for Dental Work

6 reasons why Pet Dental Care is done Under Anaesthesia Think your groomer, or your hygienist friend who brought her tools home, can take care of your pet’s mouth? Think again! Here are 6 reasons why your pet deserves a proper veterinary dental care program, performed under anaesthesia. Dental Disease Hurts! – Teeth that have … Read more