The 5 Second Rule – Protecting the Paws

Summer is the time for getting outdoors, and your dog loves to spend that time with you!

Should you take him along to that Street Festival you are looking forward to?

You need to keep in mind that black asphalt gets super hot when the sun beats down on it. How hot is too hot for your dog to walk on? If you can not rest the BACK of your hand on the asphalt for 5 seconds, it is too hot for unprotected paws!

On a day that is 25 C, asphalt can be 52 C :  enough to cause tissue destruction in 60 seconds.

What to do?

Dog shoes picture


Try to keep your dog on grass, not asphalt


Use protective footwear






If your dog’s feet look like this: Burned Paw for Expert July 2016

Then get veterinary attention right away!

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